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GV STRATUS One is an easily deployable, cost-efficient, media production solution sold in a single 2 RU form factor. It manages ingest, playout, recording, transcoding and storage, while supporting streaming to a web client. The solution is also powered with time-saving collaborative features such as an automated rules engine and social media management to streamline the distribution and organization of content.

GV STRATUS One is comprised of four Grass Valley technologies, packed into a single plug-and-play content solution:

  • GV STRATUS Core Server for video production and content management
  • XRE Transcoder for off-loading final rending from EDIUS NLEs
  • GV I/O 4-channel SDI ingest or playout (SAN or NAS)

The result is a complete media traffic control platform that removes the complexity and cost of creating, managing and distributing content.

Arriving preconfigured it’s easy to use and deploy, saving time and money. And, thanks to the simple, sophisticated workflows, those savings continue as you work with your content.

GV STRATUS One transforms production workflows in a variety of application environments:


Streamline media with rules-based automation with the ability to clip, tag and deliver highlights and social/digital media content quickly and efficiently. Gives you the ability to stream content from replay and cameras to second screen platforms.


Cost-efficient end-to-end media workflow solution for journalism programs and athletic departments.to streamline content workflows and connect teams/students with high performance collaboration and creation tools.

Regional and Satellite News Stations

Manages rapid deployment of content for stations with a limited amount of staff and equipment resources. Enables markets of any size the power of complete media workflow orchestration.


  • 4 channels of playout and record
  • 2 RU form factor
  • SDI ingest and playout (720p & 1080i)
  • Transcoding, based on XRE
  • 16 TB (useable) local storage (over 300 hours at 100 Mb/s)
  • 10 simultaneous users (floating licences) supporting:
    • EDIUS proxy editing
    • HTML5 streaming
    • GV STRATUS desktop application
  • One high-resolution EDIUS editor
  • GV STRATUS Rules Engine
  • Simplifies organization and delivery of content
  • GVRE — render engine used for rendering and transcoding of asset delivery
  • Growing file support — start editing while media is still being ingested
    • Proxy generation on-the-fly


Video I/Os
4 SD/HD/3G-SDI channels record channels DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors

SD-SDI: SMPTE ST 259, ITU R601, 525/625 line, 10-bit

HD-SDI: SMPTE ST 292, 10-bit


  • (SD) 525i59.94
  • (SD) 625i50
  • (HD) 720p50/59.94
  • (HD) 1080i50/59.94

Compression Types

  • MPEG-2@ML 4:2:0, I-Frame & Long GOP 2-15 Mb/s
  • MPEG-2@ML 4:2:2, I-Frame & Long GOP 4-50 Mb/s


  • MPEG-2@HL 4:2:0, I-Frame & Long GOP 12-100 Mb/s
  • MPEG-2@HL 4:2:2, I-Frame & Long GOP 20-100 Mb/s
  • XDCAM HD (18, 25, 35 Mb/s)
  • XDCAM HD 4:2:2 (50 Mb/s)
  • AVC-Intra 50/100
  • H.264/AVCHD playback
  • DNxHD 115, 120, 145, 175, 185, 222 Mb/s

Up to 16 tracks per channel
Input: 48 kHz, 16- or 24-bit digital audio=PCM

Media Exchange
MXF OP1a and GXF (SMPTE ST 360)

Power Requirements
Dual 2400W power supplies


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