GV Kula Production Switcher

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Kula is the most powerful compact production switcher in its class, with a revolutionary design for the live production market. As an entry-level production switcher, Kula packs into a 2 RU chassis the features of a much larger switcher, while maintaining a price tag that is accessible for in-house production, sports, house of worship, entertainment and conference/live events. Available as either 1 M/E, 2 M/E or 3 M/E SD/HD/3G, 1 M/E 4K UHD and dedicated 1 M/E 12G-SDI or IP versions, Kula offers market-leading features and functions. The 2 M/E version and 3 M/E version can be switched to 1 M/E 4K UHD mode, offering a simple path forward to higher production values.

For an all-in-one multiformat system that allows a single operator to have everything they need at their fingertips for mixing video and digital or analog audio and has built-in multiviewer capability see the Kula AV.

Because it is both highly-featured and cost-effective, Kula opens up a new range of professional quality content creation options for customers who are required to work with small spaces and small budgets.




  • 1, 2 or 3 M/Es with 4 keyers per M/E
  • 1 and 2 M/E systems offer 2 Sub M/Es consisting of A/B mix with 2 keyers and a 2.5D DVE resize engines per Sub M/E
  • Up to 32 key layers
  • Linear and luma key functionality on each M/E as standard
  • High-quality chromakeys on each keyer per M/E and Sub M/E where applicable
  • A dedicated animated clip transition on each M/E called a Mav Trans
  • Powerful effects dissolve operation for quick and simple creation of high-end effects
  • 2D and 2.5D DVE for creative effects
  • Four floating DSKs with resize engines and Dual Tile mode to create eight PIPs to be allocated to any M/E or aux output
  • Extensive internal clip and still store — 10 output channels from 16 GB of storage capacity
  • Multiformat production capability as standard including SD/HD/1080p and 4K UHD using FormatFusion3 technology
  • Large I/O with bidirectional ports for flexibility
  • Input and bus frame synchronizers, for synchronizing all inputs
  • Internal multiviewer with up to 8 heads and 28 tiles to view feeds and outputs
  • Wide range of control panels, expandable with modules from the Kahuna modular control range
  • The 2 M/E and 3 M/E Kula support 4K UHD at the same specification as the 1 M/E 4K UHD Kula


Features Kula 3 M/E HD/4K*1 Kula 2 M/E HD/SD/4K*1 Kula 1 M/E 4K UHD Kula 1 M/E
Inputs 36 36 10 18
Outputs 12 assignable 12 assignable 3 6 assignable
Bidirectional inputs/outputs 6 – Create I/O combinations ranging from 36×18 to 42×12 6 – Create I/O combinations ranging from 36×18 to 42×12 0 6 – Create I/O combinations ranging from 18×12 to 24×6
Total M/E key layers 32 32 6x 4K UHD 20
DSKs 4 floating (8 key layers) 4 floating (8 key layers) 1 x 4K UHD DSK 4 floating (8 key layers)
2D DVE 24x 2D 24x 2D 6 16x 2D
2.5D DVE 2x 2.5 DVE 2x 2.5 DVE on
Sub M/E keys
0 2x 2.5 DVE on
Sub M/E keys
Sub M/E capability 0 2x Sub M/Es*2 with 2 keyers each 0 1 x Sub M/E*2 with
2 keyers
FormatFusion3 & frame synchronizer 0 8 2 4
ClipStore output 10 channels 16 GB 10 channels 16 GB 4 channels 16 GB 10 channels 16 GB
Multiviewer Up to 4 heads/16 tiles Up to 4 heads/16 tiles. Option to reallocate M/E 2 as a 2nd multiviewer with up to 12 tiles across 1 -4 heads N/A Up to 4 heads/16 tiles
4K quad link Yes Yes Yes N/A
4K 2SI Yes Yes Yes N/A

*1 2 M/E and 3 M/E SD/HD/3G versions also operate as a 1 M/E 4K UHD specification production switcher.
*2 Sub M/Es available if FormatFusion3 is not being utilized

To Download Data-Sheet: CLICK HERE

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